June 16, 2020

Trbo Commercial Real Estate – Back To The Future…

As life steers toward normalcy, what effects has the pandemic had both on commercial and residential real estate? What has it done to the economy and interest rates? What will our future look like? These articles help to answer some of those questions. Synchronize your watches! The future is coming back…


Zero Net Cash Flow Assets; Why They Make Sense Right Now

Where do zero cash flow structured assets fit in the this rapidly changing marketplace? Zeros can be attractive to several investor types, though the largest pool of zero buyers are those with a 1031 exchange need. To learn more about zero properties, who might be investing in them and how they are priced, read more here…. Click Here



Will COVID-19 Change the Future of Medical Office Design?

Dmagazine.com reports that the future of medical office visits may change significantly due to COVID-19 as the risks remain high of infection. Your standard waiting room may no longer be the same as it may now become your vehicle until it’s your turn to see the doctor. This along with other changes can be read further here… Click Here



Homebuyer Mortgage Demand Up From 2019

Mortgage demand from homebuyers is up 13% annually, according to CNBC.com. Even as soon as last week, loan applications for home purchases rose 5% from the previous week and were 13% higher that what they were a year ago. Find out more about why recovery in the purchase market continues to gain steam… Click Here



Federal Reserve Announces No Increase In Interest Rates

On June 10, 2020, the Federal Reserve announced its intention not to raise interest rates. Their plan is to keep rates near zero as the economy struggles and unemployment rises from the effects of the pandemic. The NY Times had this to say about it…. Click Here

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